EU Clustering: 4th EV Cluster

Five other projects apart from BATTERIES2020:

eDAS : Holistic energy management for 3rd and 4th generation EVs.
iCOMPOSE : Integrated Control of Multiple-Motor and Multiple-Storage Fully Electric Vehicles.
INCOBAT : Innovative Cost Efficient Management System for Next Generation High Voltage Batteries.
IMPROVE : Integration and Management of Performance and Road Efficiency of Electric Vehicle electronics.
SAFEADAPT : To enrich networked embedded systems in e-vehicles.

The clustering of these projects is a central element in the dissemination and exploitation strategy.
The aim of the cluster is:

  • Foster information exchange for the alignment of R&D activities to achieve optimal resource utilization and gain synergistic technical understanding for future EVs.
  • Coordinate joint dissemination/marketing events to achieve higher visibility and thus higher (market) impact for each single project.

4th EV Cluster is preparing a Cluster-Book related to “Comprehensive Energy Management”.
Some chapters have been proposed and EV Cluster Working Group is open for any other contribution dealing with the topic.